This year also we have delivered a complete line with JHM cheese equipment to a cheese factory in the Netherlands. This project contains:

  • a flowpasteurizer 1500L/h with duo-safety heat exchanger. This pasteurizer is heated by its own central heating system.
  • a double ”O” cheese vat 1500L, provided with its own washing water supply. An easy-to-use touchscreen in combination with highly effective software is supporting the cheesemaker in making the perfect cheeses.
  • a cheese pre-press 1500L for pre-pressing the cheese curd. This one is the ”Easy” version (manual control).
  • a robustly constructed cheese press with six stamps. The pressing pressure per stamp can be adjusted quickly and easily by means of a rotary knob and manometer.
  • a set with our manual controlled filling machine on a table.

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