Cheese vat

Below you can see our double ”O” cheese vat. In this machine the cheese curd will be prepared. Our cheese vat is equipped with a fully automatic cheese preparation program. Optional on a platform with stairs. Moreover, we have more options for the processing of curd.

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Double ”O” cheese vat on a platform with stairs


Hieronder ziet u onze wrongelbereider. In deze machine wordt de kaaswrongel bereid. Onze wrongelbereider is uitgevoerd met een volautomatisch kaasbereidingsprogramma. Optioneel op een bordes met trap.

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Op deze pagina vindt u onze draineerbak. Deze machine wordt ook wel een voor-pers genoemd (Engels: pre-press). Het zorgt voor het uitpersen van de wei en maakt zo een mooi, egaal wrongelbed. Een egaal wrongelbed is belangrijk voor het vormen van de kazen in het kaasvat onder de kaaspers. Wij hebben twee verschillende versies; handbediend en automatisch.

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Overhauled set

By trade-in obtained this beautiful set with:

Open curd maker 3.400 liters:

Overhauled and equipped with tools. Videos are available upon request. This curd maker comes from a Dutch cheese maker who produced 24 pieces of 16 kg cheeses per batch.


  • Stir / cut.
  • Drive motor frequency controlled.
  • Large spout in DN100.
  • Wall heating.
  • Various accessdoorories available.
  • The curd bed can also be compressed through the drive.
  • Possibility to add washing water.
  • Optionally available with a PLC controlled cheese maker program.

Associated brine bath:

Dimensions of the brine bath are 2150mm wide, 3.170mm long and 1.390mm deep.

The brine bath is equipped with a crane track with electric hoist.

This brine bath and the electric hoist are neatly checked.

Optionally available with a circulation system and / or heating.

Brine cages:

Four brine cages with dimensions: 1,750mm x 620mm x 1,200mm. Each brine cage has 6 layers and can hold 24 pieces of 16 kg cheeses.

These brine cages are checked and fitted with new brine nets.