Auf dieser Seite finden Sie unsere Vorpresse. Diese Maschine sorgt dafür, dass die Molke herausgedrückt wird und es macht so ein schönes, gleichmäßiges Bett aus Käsebruck. Ein gleichmäßiges Käsebruckbett is sehr wichtig für die Käseformung in Käseformen unter der Käsepresse. Wir haben zwei verschiedene Versionen; manuell und automatisch.

Für weitere Informationen zu dieser Maschine, bitte senden Sie eine E-Mail an info@jhmdairycheeseequipment.nl

Cheese pre-press

On this page you’ll find our pre-press. This machine is also called a drainage container. It ensures that the whey is squeezed out and it creates a nice, even curd bed. An even curd bed is very important for the forming of cheeses in the cheesevat under the cheesepress. We have two different versions; manual control and automatic.

For more information about this machine, please send an email to info@jhmdairycheeseequipment.nl


Op deze pagina vindt u onze draineerbak. Deze machine wordt ook wel een voor-pers genoemd (Engels: pre-press). Het zorgt voor het uitpersen van de wei en maakt zo een mooi, egaal wrongelbed. Een egaal wrongelbed is belangrijk voor het vormen van de kazen in het kaasvat onder de kaaspers. Wij hebben twee verschillende versies; handbediend en automatisch.

Voor meer informatie over deze machine kunt u een e-mail sturen naar info@jhmdairycheeseequipment.nl

First CO2-neutral cheese factory in the Netherlands

Together with our partner, Jurry Hekking Metaal & Machinebouw put a turn-key project cheese dairy in the south of the Netherlands into production. The project consists of:

  • 4000L flow pasteurizer with duo-safety plates, COKZ worthy. Two hot water boilers with an electrical capacity of 155 kW in total provide the energy to pasteurize the milk at 73 degrees with a permanent heater of 20 seconds.
  • Double-O closed cheese vat 4000L, equipped with its own washing water supply. An easy-to-use touchscreen in combination with highly effective software supports the cheese maker in the production of the perfect cheese.
  • Matching drainage-prepressing container 4000L for pre-pressing the cheese curd. The pressing takes place via a plc press program. With the press of a button, the pressing takes place entirely automatically.
  • A robustly constructed cheese press with 12 stamps. The pressing pressure per stamp can be adjusted quickly and easily by means of a rotary knob and manometer.
  • Matching, solidly constructed brine cages with an anti-expulsion gate and movable by means of an extra undercarriage.
  • An electric hoist with a trolley takes care of the hoisting of the cages in and out the brine bath.
  • The brine water is heated by the incoming hot cheeses. To cool down the brine water, we have built a cooling system on the brine bath. In addition, there is frequent circulation.

You can send an email to info@jhmdairycheeseequipment.nl for more information.